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Air Conditioner Blower Issues: How to Spot the Signs & Clean the Parts

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If you have a central air conditioning system that cools your home during the summer months, then you need to maintain it properly so it runs smoothly. Many people spend their time cleaning the outside part of the air conditioner called the condensor unit. However, the parts of the system that sit inside your home, in the evaporator unit, are ignored.

You may notice some serious issues if you ignore the components in your home for too long, and most of these issues have to do with the blower. Learn more about the blower, the possible issues you may see if it needs to be maintained, and how you can supply the maintenance.

Understand the Air Conditioner Blower

The movement of the coolant and the exchange of heat continues as long as your air conditioner is running. However, if the blower in the unit is not working, then the cool air will not go anywhere. Not only will your home remain warm, but the working parts of the air conditioner will be continually stressed as the system continues to run. The thermostat will tell the appliance to do this, and you may end up with a broken air conditioner and an extremely high electricity bill.

Signs of a Blower Issue

An air conditioner that continues to run and a warm house are obvious signs of an air conditioner blower issue. There are other signs to look for as well to help you diagnose the cooling problem in your home. One thing to look for is ice buildup around the exterior metal of the evaporator unit. This ice forms, because the cool air that is produced sits close to the bottom of the evaporator unit without assistance from the blower.

As the coolant continues to flow through the evaporator, the cold air is cooled even further until it becomes cold enough to form frost. If your basement is extremely warm, then you may not see the frost, but you may see a puddle of water nearby where the ice has quickly melted. The exterior of the evaporator will feel extremely cold too.

You also may notice that the outside condenser unit feels cool or only slightly warm. The motor inside will create some heat, but the refrigerant will not need to dispel any warmth, so the unit will not be nearly as warm as it usually is.

Clean the Blower

If you feel that your air conditioning blower is not functioning properly, then consider cleaning it. This may be necessary if dirt, dust, and other debris have stopped the blower from working. To reach the blower, you need to remove the cover from the evaporator. There may be a panel you can remove to reach the blower, or the entire front section may be removable. Look for the bolts on the panel and release them with a socket wrench.

Afterwards, look for a covered circular piece on the bottom of the evaporator. This is the blower, but you will need to remove the cover with either a screwdriver or a socket wrench to reach it. Use the brush attachment on your vacuum cleaner to remove debris from the part. Try to vacuum out all of the vents attached to the blower too.

Replace all the pieces when the cleaning is complete, and try the air conditioner to see if it works better. If it does not, the blower may need to be replaced. You can always contact a local air conditioning contractor with your suspicions so the professional can test the blower and replace the part if there is a need.