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Not Cleaning Your Ducts? Here's The Problems You Could Be Creating

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Finished with your spring cleaning? If duct cleaning wasn't on your to-do list, you've still got some work left to do. While an often-overlooked task, keeping the ducts clean keeps your family healthier and your air conditioning unit operating more efficiently.


Particularly if you have ducts located in the basement of your home, mold and mildew growth can be a real issue. Basements are often prone to excess moisture, whether this be the result of flooding or something else. This moisture can also collect inside the ductwork.

Over time, it can lead to development of mold and mildew. As the air passes over these growths, it picks up small particles that get dispersed throughout the air in your home. If you have someone with an upper respiratory condition, inhaling this type of air can exacerbate their symptoms and lead to future health concerns.


Failure to keep your ducts clean can also make your home a danger zone for allergy suffers. For people that deal with allergies, sitting inside a climate controlled environment is generally a moment of reprieve. However, with ducts filled with pollen, pet dander, dust, and other allergens, the opposite is often true.

Even when you have a high-quality filter installed, if the ducts are not clean, the filter will do very little to keep these contaminants out of the air. In addition to allergy suffers, those that deal with asthma can have a difficult experience with more intense symptoms.


If you want to find out a quick way to cause your air conditioning unit to fail, forget to clean the ducts. Ducts are collection spots for dust, pet dander, dirt, and other particles. Not only does this collection lower the quality of the air dispersed throughout a home, they also limit the amount of air that is able to pass through.

The less cooled air that can pass through, the warmer your home and the more aggressively the air conditioning unit must work. The result is excess wear and a greater risk for a malfunction within the unit, particularly when it comes to the motor. In addition to these risks, you can look forward to more expensive cooling costs.

Don't make the mistake of failing to keep the ducts in your home clean. Protect your family and your air conditioning unit by making this important step. For more information, contact local professionals like Airtime Heating & Cooling.