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Steps To Fixing A Blocked Pipe

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The plumbing in your house plays an integral role and is usually not even considered until something bad happens. One common problem that a household can experience is a clogged drain. If you are hooked up to city sewer there are a few specific steps that you can take to get rid of the clog. The steps for homes with a septic system are much different. This article is going to go over the three steps to take when dealing with a clog for homes connected to the city sewer system.


One of the very first things that you can do to get rid of a clog is reach for the liquid clog remover. This liquid is a mixture of very basic materials with a pH above 7. The harsh chemicals in the liquid are known for being able to break through some very tough clogs. Since the liquid is so intense, be sure to wear your safety equipment, like goggles, when using this fluid. Individual cleaners are different from one another, so follow the instructions on the bottle with exactness. Most of the time the liquid will sit on a clog for a period of time and then it will break through.

Pipe Snake

The second step to get rid of a clog, if the liquid does not do the trick, is to use a pipe snake. A pipe snake is a series of cables that you can connect to one another to push down the drain. Pipe snakes are designed to physically push the clog down the drain. Often clogs occur where there is a bend in the pipe. The pipe snake is designed to physically dislodge the clog so it can actually move down the drain. These are usually very effective in removing clogs from pipes.


If you have used the liquid and a pipe snake, but the clog continues to be a problem, you need to call a plumber. There are a number of reasons that the clog may be persisting. It could also be that the clog is actually a collapsed or kinked pipe. The plumber will be able to put a camera on a cable and go through the pipes to find exactly what is clogging up the pipe. If it is a legitimate clog the plumber will be able to take care of it very quickly. If it is a collapsed pipe then the plumber will get to work replacing the pipe.