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3 Reasons Your Home's HVAC System May Not Be Working Properly

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When the weather gets hot outside, keeping cool inside is important but what happens when your HVAC system starts to act up or just doesn't work at all? You can do a little troubleshooting to see if you can find the answer but often you will need to call a service technician. There are a lot of possible reasons for the HVAC unit to not run but here are a few of the most common:

A Frozen Coil

The coil inside the HVAC unit is important. Air passes through and around it and is cooled before it goes into your home. The refrigerant is pumped through the coil to cool it but sometimes the coil gets so cold that it ices or freezes up and the air can't get through. Most of the time this is due to dirty air filters but it can also be caused by the HVAC running long hours in high humidity. If the coil freezes up on your HVAC unit, shut the unit down and let it thaw out, clean the filters, and then try it again.

Leaking or Low Refrigerant Levels

Another common issue that can affect your home HVAC unit is leaking or low refrigerant levels. If the coil or the plumbing that runs from the compressor to the coil develops a leak of any kind, the levels of refrigerant will fall and the system will not cool properly. Since the system is a closed and pressurized system, low refrigerant levels almost always suggest a leak in the plumbing or around a fitting. Even a pinhole in the tubing can be enough to cause this but it is very hard to detect without special tools so you may have to call a service tech in to find the leak if you suspect that is the problem.

Electrical or Wiring Problems

Any damage to the wiring on the HVAC unit can cause it not to run properly and sometimes a small animal will get inside the unit to nest. They can chew through wires inside and damage the unit without you ever knowing they found their way in there. In most cases, a small animal that chews through the wires will end up dead from the electricity but this is not always the case. In order to find this kind of damage, the cover will need to be removed and a technician will need to repair or replace the wiring that was damaged.

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