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Easy Maintenance For More Efficient Residential Heating

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Before winter arrives, you want to make sure your heating system is as effective as possible. There are quite a few ways that your heating system can lose efficiency over the years. Often, nothing is technically broken or needs to be repaired. A little bit of simple maintenance and basic cleaning can actually improve the efficiency of your entire system. Best of all, you might even reduce your energy bills.

Adjust Your Registers

The first thing you should worry about when it comes to heating maintenance is your airflow. That is, make sure that your air registers are set for maximum airflow into the rooms that need them. Often, you will need to adjust your registers between each season. The rooms that are reliant on air conditioning during the summer are not necessarily as reliant on heat during the winter. It might sound simple, but adjusting your air registers, could have a huge impact on how easy it is to keep your home at the right temperature. Ultimately, you could be at wasting a lot of money if you aren't efficiently directing your air registers.

A Clean Furnace

The next thing we need to worry about is efficiency of your furnace. First of all, make sure that the area around your furnace is clear of clutter. Since the furnace is usually in a garage or storage room, people tend to store things around. If anything is blocking airflow into your furnace, it could slowdown airflow into the pump. Airflow is important to keep your pump cool while it is in operation. The ultimate result could be that your furnace need to work harder to keep the pump cool, using more energy and (once again) wasting money.

You also want to clean the inside of your furnace cabinet. This might sound intimidating but is actually very easy and safe.

You have to make sure that your furnace is turned off before you open up the cabinet. The furnace cabinet should be easy to access by removing a small panel or door. The door should be clearly marked and you won't need any tools to remove it. When you have it opened, all you really need to do is vacuum it out. Any dust on the sidewalls of your cabinets not necessarily slow down the functionality of your furnace, but it could eventually get sucked though the pump and blown into the ducts.

Ultimately, keeping the inside and outside of your furnace clean is great way to prevent further, more serious problems from occurring.

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