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Maintain Your Air Conditioning Unit

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It is important that you keep your home at a comfortable temperature for a few reasons. First, your home should be a place that you enjoy spending time. Second, having a home that is too hot can cause health issues such as dehydration from constant sweating. It always seems that the air conditioning breaks down at the most inconvenient times, such as the middle of the summer. The added use of the air conditioner could be the reason for the break down. If you want your air conditioning unit to work properly then you need to put some time into keeping it working. Here are a few different things that you can do to help maintain your air conditioning system.

Air Ducts

If your air ducts are blocked off then your air conditioning system could be put under more strain than needs to occur. In fact it is possible that the blockage of your air ducts could cause your air conditioning system to be broken when it is simply the air ducts. To clean your air ducts take a very high powered vacuum and clean out each vent. Every other year you should have a professional clean the ducts to ensure there is no deep blockage. 


A very important part of your air conditioning system is the compressor. Your compressor is located on the outside of your home and because it is out of your sight is often forgotten about. Open the compressor and clean out all of the debris from within, and straighten out the the fins to allow maximum airflow. You will also want to cut back any vegetation that is growing toward the compressor to keep it as clean as possible. Lastly you should ensure that the compressor is completely flat to allow the coolant to flow through the coils properly.

Technician Help

One of the best ways that you can keep your air conditioner running properly through the entire summer is by having a technician inspect the unit each spring. The technician will look for anything major or minor that may need to be repaired. He or she will be able to catch small things that could potentially turn into big problems, which can effectively save you a great deal of money. Having the technician look at your air conditioning system can allow you to fix any problems before the summer and when you need your air conditioner the most.  

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