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Why You Need An AC With Variable Speed Blowers

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The blower in your air conditioner (AC system) is meant for circulating the conditioned air throughout the house. Most blowers have only two settings – the "on" and "off" that you use to keep your AC running at full speed or turn it off. However, there are also ACs with variable blowers that you can use to increase or decrease your ACs air circulation gradually; it doesn't have to be either off or on at all times. Here are some benefits of these variable blowers:

Highly Degree of Precision

As previously mentioned, with a standard blower your AC is either on or off. Unfortunately, life isn't always that precise, there may be times when you neither want the AC to be on or completely off. Maybe the temperature isn't that hot for the AC to be on, but it isn't also high enough for the AC to be on. In such cases, you want the AC to be somewhere in between, a high degree of precision that you can only achieve with a variable speed blower.

Energy Efficiency

The speed of the blower is one of the determinants of an AC's energy efficiency. The AC doesn't consume any energy when it is off but consumes its standard energy when it is on. If you just need the air to be conditioned and circulated a little, a variable blower will help by running the AC at a slower speed, which also reduces the level of energy consumed by the AC. It is also possible for a variable blower to circulate air in your home even when the AC isn't actively cooling the air; this also reduces the AC's energy consumption.

Reduced Noise Levels

Even though some AC's are quieter than others, they all emit some level of noise. A variable speed blower will help to limit the noise because the faster the blower's fan is rotating the more noise it generates. The noise reduces when you set the blower at any speed lower than the maximum.

Constant Air Temperature

Lastly, the variable speed blower also helps to keep your home at a constant temperature. With a standard blower, some areas of the house will cool down faster than others when the AC isn't actively cooling the house because the blower will be off. As previously mentioned, however, a variable speed blower can keep the air circulating even when the AC isn't actively cooling the house. This helps to maintain the house at a constant temperature.

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