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Why You Shouldn't Use Window Unit Air Conditioners In Your Rental Properties

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If you own rental properties, you might be looking for the most affordable ways that you can provide air conditioning for your tenants. Because of this, you might not want to spring for a residential HVAC unit installation for each rental unit. Instead, you might be thinking about using window unit air conditioners. Even though these can work in a pinch, they generally aren't the best option for rental units. Here's why.

1. They Can Be a Big Turn-Off to Tenants

For one thing, when you are looking for tenants, you should know that having window unit air conditioners in the units can be a big turn-off for potential tenants. After all, not only are they unsightly to look at, but they often do not do a fully effective job of keeping a unit comfortable during the summer. Plus, they can cause electric bills to be quite costly, which is probably something that your tenants are looking to avoid. Because of all of these things, you might find that it's a lot harder for you to find tenants for units that have window unit air conditioners.

2. They Can Put the Property at Risk

Window unit air conditioners can also put your rental property at risk in a few different ways. For one thing, they can sometimes be easy to remove, which can make it easy for someone to break into the unit; not only does this put your property at risk, but it can put your tenants at risk as well. Additionally, you also have to worry about water seeping in the window around the window unit. Over time, this can cause mold growth, and it can also cause the window casing and the wall to rot, which can be expensive to repair.

3. They Can Be Easily Stolen

Air conditioning units can easily be stolen from the window of your units. Plus, you have to worry about tenants potentially taking the window unit air conditioners with them when they move out, and it can sometimes be difficult to collect the money for this type of theft from a prior tenant. By installing a residential HVAC unit, you can help prevent this from happening. Additionally, you can secure the HVAC unit even more to help prevent theft by having an HVAC professional install a protective cage around it. Even though many people do not do this, it can be a good option if you are concerned about theft.

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