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How To Extend The Life Of Your Home's Air Conditioner

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Your home's air conditioner is an appliance you don't think about until it isn't working properly. If you are looking for some ways to get more life out of your home air conditioner before it needs repair or replacement, be sure to do these 4 things.

Change the Air Filters

An air conditioner needs a clean air filter to run efficiently. If not, it is just going to work harder than it has to when cooling down your home. While it is easy to ignore the air filter, it is so easy to swap out on your own that you would be crazy not to do this simple maintenance.

Be sure to change the filter according to your manufacturer's directions for your air conditioner. There will be a recommended range for how often to swap out the filter, with frequent AC users needing to swap out the filter more often.

Clean the Coils

Air conditioners have a condenser and evaporator coil, which are known to collect dust over the years. While the air filter prevents dust from getting into the system, it does not stop it from happening completely, and the coils that the air flows over will need to be cleaned. Removing the dust means that the air conditioner will not have to run as long to get your home cool, which puts less wear and tear on the entire system.

Don't Cover the Condenser

You may think it is a wise idea to cover the outside condenser during the winter, but it can actually do more harm than good. A condenser cover will trap moisture under the cover, making it harder for the moisture to get away from the unit. You'll find that there will be more rust on a condenser as a result of using a cover, which is the opposite of what you intended to have happen.

Get an AC Maintenance Plan

There are local HVAC companies that sell air conditioner maintenance plans. Consider purchasing one of these, which will ensure that your air conditioner gets the maintenance and repairs that it needs to run efficiently.

The maintenance plans involve getting a routine inspection of the entire unit, replacing parts that are about to break down, and performing some of the items previously mentioned. If you do not want to think about maintaining your air conditioner to extend its lifespan, a maintenance plan is definitely the way to do it. For more information, contact companies like Miller Services HVAC Inc.