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Two Easy HVAC Cleans

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Is your HVAC system not quite as efficient as it used to be? Over time, your system is probably going to become less efficient as certain components get worn and dirty. As a homeowner, you need to always do your part to keep certain components as clean as possible. There are two simple jobs that homeowners can handle on their own.

Cleaning Inside Your Furnace

Cleaning the inside of your furnace is obviously very important. The inside of your furnace is easy to access by just removing the furnace panel. If you want to thoroughly clean the furnace, you should turn off the gas. Once you open the furnace panel, you should see the gas shut off valve. Then, make sure that the power is turned off. If you can't find a power switch on your furnace, you should find the breaker switch. At this point, you can safely clean the inside of your furnace cabinet. Use a hose vacuum to suck out all of the dust within the various components inside your furnace. For instance, clean out the blower, the motor, and all of the vented walls. Also, pay attention to the output duct connections, and make sure that there are no blockages. The cleaner the inside of your furnace is, the better and smoother the components are going to run.

Clean Your Air Registers

All you need to remove registers is a screwdriver. You can speed the process up by using a power drill. However, there is a chance that the edges of your registers have been caulked. This is rare, and should be avoided. However, if you registers are caulked down, you will just need a utility knife to cut through the caulk before removing them. Once the registers are removed from the wall, you can easily take the register off of the wall.

Vinyl, fiberglass, and aluminum registers are easy to clean if you clean a few at once in a sink or tub of water. You can use dishwashing soap or all-purpose liquid cleaners. Make sure the inside of the registers are clean, because this is where there is going to be the most severe build up.

Before you attach the registers to the wall, make sure that the rim of the duct opening is not also caked in dust. Clean out any dust build in your ducts that you can reach and then reattach the registers. For more information, contact companies like Always Ready Repair.