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Need To Redo Your HVAC System: 3 Considerations To Make

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Have you noticed that when your heater is supposed to be hot that it's cold? Is there a weird smell coming from your vents? Has your heating bill gone up? Are the same things happening with your cooling system in the summer months as well? If so, then it may be time to consider re-doing your HVAC system. Even though you can just get a new furnace or air conditioner, if your entire system isn't efficient, then you may run into similar problems sooner rather than later. This article will list three considerations that you should make if you are considering redoing your entire HVAC system. Read on to learn more.   

Install Ductless Air Conditioning Units  

Having large ducts across your entire house may be okay in some parts of your home but if you have always wanted to have vaulted ceilings or exposed beams, then a traditional air duct system isn't going to cut it. If you are already considering redoing your HVAC system, then you may as well go ductless. Rather than using traditional air ducts to cool your house down, ductless air conditioners use small units in each room which is actually a lot more efficient and effective; a win win for your comfort and your energy bill.   

Install More Vents  

If you live in a particularly old home, then you may not be getting as much air circulation as is beneficial. By installing more vents throughout your house, you can help with the overall air flow inside your home which will leave you and your entire family feeling a lot more comfortable in the process. Plus, you can walk through your house with your HVAC professional to pick exactly where you want vents to be and where they make sense for you and your family.   


Have a HVAC professional such as Jahnke  Heating & Air take a look at the current size of air conditioner you have and furnace you have to make sure that it's good enough to heat up and cool down the square footage of your home. A lot of times, homes are being run off of unit that arere simply too small for their home which means it's not being efficient.        

These are just three things to consider when you're redoing your HVAC system. To learn more about HVAC systems and all of these different components, contact a specialist near you and schedule a consultation to have them come to look at your house.