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What Temperature Should You Keep Your Home In The Winter? Factors To Consider

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Setting the right temperature for your boiler or furnace is not just about comfort. If you set your temperature too high, you could be wasting a lot of money on heating bills. The question of ideal thermostat settings has been argued over for years. Some people like things a little warmer than usual while others are comfortable with slightly lower temperatures. What factors should you consider so you have a temperature setting that's just right?

Are There Other People in Your House?

When you're choosing a thermostat setting in winter, it may not just be a question of what you find comfortable. You have to consider other people living in the house as well. As you may already know, different people have different ideal temperatures. Therefore, you'll have to consider their needs as well. If the other person is an infant, the temperature should not be above 74 degrees Fahrenheit or below 65 degrees. As for the exact temperature, this may change with the baby's mood.

Is Layering Up an Option?

If you and other people in the house are quite comfortable wearing a few layers of clothes indoors, you should go with a relatively lower temperature. Even a marginal increase in the temperature setting is reflected in your energy bill. Therefore, if layering up is an option, you should take advantage of this to cut down your energy consumption.

Are Your Energy Bills Overstretching Your Budget?

There is a huge difference between energy bills that are causing a slight inconvenience and those that are taking money away from other vital household expenses. When your energy bills are overstretching your budget, if you need heating repair or some other emergency service, you may find yourself in a tough spot. Lowering the temperature by a single degree can make a noticeable difference.

Is There Someone or Something in the House?

Many people think about the temperature setting when they're in the house but forget that they shouldn't use the same settings when there's no one in the house. If you have plants or pets in the house while you're away, you should set a temperature that's comfortable for them. You should also check if you have temperature-sensitive belongings in your house.

Are People Awake or Sleeping?

The ideal temperature when people are sleeping will be different from the ideal temperature when they are awake. If it's too cold or too hot, you may find it harder to sleep at night.

If you find that your energy bill remains high or your home will not reach the temperature you've deemed comfortable, then you may need to find a heating repair service near you.