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What To Do If Your Home Isn't Heating Evenly

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Having some rooms hotter and colder is a miserable experience. You use more energy trying to heat up the cold rooms, and then the other rooms are too hot. This isn't something you have to live with, though. Scheduling a furnace repair can solve your problems. Here are the potential problems.

Check the Obvious First

For any furnace problem, always check the obvious solutions first. Did someone close a vent register during air conditioning season because the room was too cold, and now that room isn't getting any heat? Is your furniture blocking an air vent or disrupting airflow around the room? Is a pet door or other opening allowing in cold air?

If you find one of these problems, give it a couple of days to see if your heating evens out before you schedule a service call.

Thermostat Issues

You may also be having trouble with your thermostat. If you have a thermometer, first check to see if your thermostat is reading the temperature properly. If your thermostat isn't accurate, it could cause your furnace to not cycle properly so heat isn't properly distributed. If it doesn't match your temperature readings, you'll need to have a furnace repair services company replace it.

Another potential thermostat issue is placement. Many thermostats are in the middle of your home away from windows. That's the warmest part of your home, and the rooms with windows can be much colder. You may need to have your thermostat moved to a new location.

Airflow Problems

If your thermostat is functioning, you may have a problem with airflow. There are three possible problems with airflow.

If your airflow is too high, the air doesn't stay in your furnace long enough. Your furnace's heating elements are supposed to quickly heat up the air as it passes through, but if the air is moving too fast, it doesn't have time to get warm.

If your airflow is too low, heated air won't be distributed properly. The furnace won't have enough strength to distribute warm air to the rooms farthest for your thermostat, so the hot air will sit in the middle of your home.

Finally, you may have a broken duct. Instead of warm air reaching your vents, it may be leaking out into your attic instead.

To learn more about what you can do if your home isn't heating evenly, contact a local furnace repair services company today.