Learning About Air Conditioning Repairs

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Not Cleaning Your Ducts? Here's The Problems You Could Be Creating

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Finished with your spring cleaning? If duct cleaning wasn’t on your to-do list, you’ve still got some work left to do. While an often-overlooked task, keeping the ducts clean keeps your family healthier and your air conditioning unit operating more efficiently. Mold Particularly if you have ducts located in the basement of your home, mold and mildew growth can be a real issue. Basements are often prone to excess moisture, whether this be the result of flooding or something else. Read More»

4 Easy Ways To Reduce The Expense Of Heating Oil For Your Home This Winter

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Many people rely on heating oil to keep their homes warm and comfortable during the winter. But since the cost of heating oil can be quite expensive, it is no surprise that homeowners dread getting the bill for the heating oil that they use. If your home has a heating system that is fueled by oil, use the following tips to help reduce how much you spend during the winter: Read More»

Should You Repair or Replace Your Air Conditioning System's Condenser Unit?

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The condenser unit is one of the most important components of your central air conditioning system. When it malfunctions, you have to make a decision on whether to replace or repair it. If your condenser unit is not working, here is what you need to know.   Why Is the Condenser Important? Your air conditioning system could not generate cool air without the condenser. The condenser unit is responsible for cooling down and condensing refrigerant vapor into a liquid. Read More»

Three Guidelines For Making The Most Of Your Home Heating System

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The best thing you can do to make it through even the bitterest falls and winters is to reach out to heating services contractors who can maintain your HVAC equipment, while also doing everything you can to help yourself. The more thought and energy that you put into maintaining this system, the better off you will be overall. To this end, make sure that you read the tips below so that you continuously receive the best heating services available to you. Read More»

Furnace Repair: First Things To Check When You Have No Heat

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If your furnace is running like mad but your house is colder than you would like it to be, you may need some furnace repairs. Before you call a technician, there are a few things you can check on your own. Checking these things will help you answer any questions the HVAC contractor asks over the phone and rule out what he/she thinks is the problem. Electrical Regardless of what type of furnace you have, there are still some electrical components involved. Read More»

Want Better Air Conditioning Performance? Clean Your Evaporator Coil

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A dirty evaporator coil can do a number on your air conditioner’s ability to keep your home cool and comfortable. To keep your air conditioner in the best possible shape, it’s important to check and clean your evaporator coil on a regular basis. The following explains exactly how a dirty coil can impact your air conditioner, as well as how to successfully clean your coil. How a Dirty Evaporator Affects Cooling Read More»