Learning About Air Conditioning Repairs

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Air Conditioner Blower Issues: How to Spot the Signs & Clean the Parts

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If you have a central air conditioning system that cools your home during the summer months, then you need to maintain it properly so it runs smoothly. Many people spend their time cleaning the outside part of the air conditioner called the condensor unit. However, the parts of the system that sit inside your home, in the evaporator unit, are ignored. You may notice some serious issues if you ignore the components in your home for too long, and most of these issues have to do with the blower. Read More»

Outside AC Unit Not Working Well? Here's Why Your Dog Might Be To Blame

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Have you recently noticed that your outside air conditioner unit isn’t working as efficiently as it once did? Do you also have a dog? If so, good old Fido may have caused your warm weather-woes by turning your AC into his own personal outhouse. Read on to learn about the devastating effects of dog urine on your air conditioner. A Corrosive Double Whammy The fins on your air conditioner’s coils are made from aluminum, and aluminum is an amphoteric metal. Read More»