Learning About Air Conditioning Repairs

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How Dirt Can Affect Specific Parts Of The AC

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Dirt accumulation on an air conditioner is bad news. Dirt can affect almost all parts of the AC. The effects can range from impaired cooling to catastrophic motor failure. Below are some of the specific ways that dirt can ruin your cooling system. Filter The filter cleans the air that goes into the AC — you also breathe this air. Dirt on the filter affects the AC in two main ways. Read More»

Useful Heating Services for Residential Properties

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No matter what type of heating system is in your home, you need to do your best to care for it properly. You don’t have to do this alone, though. There is help thanks to heating technicians, who can provide these helpful services when it’s appropriate.  1. Attic Insulation If you don’t have an attic that is insulated, then the warm air in your home can escape and cause your heating system to work harder. Read More»

What You'll Need To Consider When Buying A New HVAC System

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If you are planning on installing a new HVAC system in your home, then you will need to consider a few different things so you can purchase the right system for your home. These are some of the things that you will need to consider so you can purchase the right system to keep your home and family comfortable. Do You Need Air Conditioning, Heating, or Both? First of all, you will need to determine if you need air conditioning, heating, or both. Read More»

An HVAC UV Light Can Improve The Air Quality In Your Home By Killing Mold, Bacteria, And Viruses

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If you’re looking for ways to improve the air quality in your home, look into having a UV light installed on your HVAC. Ultraviolet light is able to kill mold, bacteria, and viruses. When you have one of these lights attached to your HVAC, the light kills germs so they can’t be recirculated through your house constantly. Here’s how an HVAC UV light works. UV Lights For Evaporator Coils One type of light you can buy is attached to your HVAC so the evaporator coils are continually bathed in UV light. Read More»

What To Do If Your Home Isn't Heating Evenly

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Having some rooms hotter and colder is a miserable experience. You use more energy trying to heat up the cold rooms, and then the other rooms are too hot. This isn’t something you have to live with, though. Scheduling a furnace repair can solve your problems. Here are the potential problems. Check the Obvious First For any furnace problem, always check the obvious solutions first. Did someone close a vent register during air conditioning season because the room was too cold, and now that room isn’t getting any heat? Read More»

Top Signs You Should Budget For Ductwork When Having An Air Conditioning Unit Installed

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If you are having an air conditioning unit installed in your home sometime soon, you might be wondering whether or not you should replace your ductwork. Many homeowners choose to simply have a new air conditioning unit installed to work with their existing ductwork.  You’re Building a New Home First of all, if you are building a brand-new home, then ductwork will obviously need to be installed. The air conditioning contractor who offers a bid for your project should include this cost in the bid. Read More»

Why Are Your Ducts Rattling?

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There’s nothing like firing your air conditioner for the first time every summer and feeling that refreshing burst of cold air. Of course, sometimes that deliciously cool air is accompanied by unusual and disconcerting sounds. While central air conditioning systems can often be a source of many strange noises, few are as frustrating and annoying as a ubiquitous rattle emanating from the vents. Depending on the underlying cause of the problem, you may only hear this rattle when the blower first engages or you may hear it continuously as the fan runs. Read More»